In Love With the Pouf

“Be sure you put your feet in the right place, then stand firm”   –Abraham Lincoln

A new piece has taken our industry by storm, and we’re loving every minute of it. As self-proclaimed experts on comfort, we are obsessed with the pouf.

“What’s a pouf,” you say?

Courtesy, Ashley Furniture HomeStore on Facebook

Courtesy, Ashley Furniture HomeStore on Facebook

Well just a few years back, the answer would probably be something about a hairdo or a little bath time scrubby sponge. In our world, the pouf is a trendy and stylish footstool—that’s the perfect size for many situations. Face it—tuffets are only useful when eating curds and whey, and sometimes an ottoman can be so big that it’s bigger than the chair. How embarrassing.

The pouf is sweet, and we’ll break down the reasons why. It’s lightweight, but sturdy—you can tote it from chair to chair or room to room without breaking your back, but it can support you putting your feet up all night long. It’s also quite affordable—most fancy steak dinners cost more than a pouf, and you can’t come home after a long day at the office and prop your feet up on a porterhouse.

We’ve only been selling poufs for a few months, so we were a bit reluctant when they first arrived in the showroom. That all changed the day our pub height desks arrived and our feet were dangling with nowhere to rest.  We went in search of a stylish yet functional remedy, and a corner display of poufs stopped us in our tracks. The pouf is versatile, and it was the perfect solution for our office.