Color is a beautiful thing: Create inviting, calming spaces with PANTONE® colors of the year

col·or | noun
A phenomenon of light; the visual perception that enables one to differentiate and appreciate otherwise identical objects.


By definition alone, life without color would be pretty dull. When you think about color, it’s a whole lot of science that makes a whole lot of art possible. The foundation of creativity and design; without it we couldn’t perceive even the most basic experiences.

So, what’s in a color? Take a look through and you’ll quickly realize there’s a lot to it; most notably, the annual pick for ‘PANTONE® color of the year’ (and we’ll talk more about that in just a minute!).

The world authority on color, PANTONE® is an organization with the primary function of communicating color across a variety of industries. Pretty cool gig, huh?

PANTONE® is known worldwide as the standard language for color communication—from designers to manufacturers, to retailers to customers. It ensures that colors are standardized, while providing countless resources for proper distribution and use.

This directly affects consumers at home. A great example is that gallon of paint you bought in a store to spice up your living room walls. It has a unique color code that distinguishes it from other colors. The code assures that it’s the same, regardless of where it’s purchased or how it’s applied. This same system is used by fabric manufactures, interior designers, and other style-oriented industries to assure consistency and conformity in all products. Kind of important in our line of work!

Needless to say, when PANTONE® names its pick for color of the year, we listen. The yearly proclamation ultimately drives interior design trends, runway fashion, graphic design, and more.

That said, 2016 is a unique year. For the first time in its history, PANTONE® identified not one, but two colors of the year to be used in concert—Rose Quartz and Serenity, a selection that’s an amazing source for style and design inspiration in the home.

pantone2016Rose Quartz is the gemstone for love, so naturally it’s a perfect fit for making a house feel more like a home. Matched with the relaxed vibe of a soft blue tone, a love-filled, Zen-like home is totally attainable with this color combinaiton.

To prove it, we sat down with our fabulous designer, Matthew, and chatted all about this year’s colors and how he feels they can work in tandem to easily create inviting and calming spaces in the home.

rosequartz“Rose Quartz, in its natural state, is a perfect stone to place in the corners of a room. The pink hues increase feelings of love and positivity,” said Matthew. “The other hue, Serenity, is soft and it speaks to a more holistic approach to the color wheel. Both colors introduce a more non-traditional color trend that is proving how colors can have an emotional impact, showing the importance of our surroundings.”

Inspired by the PANTONE® picks, Matthew selected a few of his favorite Ashley collections that make it easy to generate feelings of love, comfort, and positivity when integrated with Rose Quartz and Serenity in the home. Here are his top picks:


The Kieran sofa, paired with the Ballor coffee table, combine both feminine and masculine tastes. Softer tones are anchored by a darker-toned table.


Simple black and white wall art pairs beautifully with soft tones in any room.

Ashley HomeStore top of bed options are great for this color combination, especially the earth tones seen in this patchwork design. Paired with light woods and a mix of brown and darker blue accessories, the room instantly gains a comforting look and feel.


Bringing bold themes of nature into a room with earth-toned wall art provides a gorgeous contrast to soft tones.

These stylish selections, and many others that complement the 2016 PANTONE® colors of the year, are available to browse at your local Ashley HomeStore.