DIY Dining: Furnishing Farmhouse Chic

farmhouse2There’s something undeniably charming about the rustic dining spaces that come standard in old farmhouses. There’s no doubt that an older home has built-in character that creates an authentically comfortable backdrop for living and entertaining, right from the start.

Focusing on rustic, farm-inspired interior design choices can emulate that feeling anywhere.

Although living in an urban or suburban setting may not be exactly farmhouse-friendly when it comes to real estate, creating that same charming, comfortable environment is possible—no matter where you live—if you just find the right furniture and accessories. Not to mention, it’s much easier (and certainly more affordable) than buying an old country home.

Taking shabby chic interior inspiration from old homes and mixing it with contemporary colors and accessories brings a unique, modern appeal to classic style. From mixed natural woods to textured, layered spaces and rustic accessories, creating the look and feel of an older home is possible to pull off in any style home—and you can do it yourself.

Here are our 7 Ashley picks, with some simple DIY design tips, that can make it fun and easy to furnish farmhouse chic dining spaces in your home:


Mix up wood and metal textures throughout the room and pair them with eclectic acoutrements, like old windows and mirrors layered in pairs. Balance the look by placing accents, like tall candlesticks, on top of storage pieces and fill them with light-toned dish ware that stays on display.


Distressed wood brings shabby chic to life in any dining space. Blend different wood tones and offset them with light upholstery to create sophisticated contrast. A unique light fixture can serve as the focal point that brings it all together.


Mixing and matching chairs with different colors, fabrics, and wood is a great way to add some style to traditional dining pieces for an irresistible rustic-chic vibe.


A variety of textures in a room creates a naturally relaxing atmosphere. Leather, metal accents, woven accessories, and soft patterned area rugs are great options, but don’t stop there! Let your imagination run wild and use nature to inspire accessorizing. Colorful fruit or fresh-picked flowers can bring an unexpected spark of style to your dining table or storage pieces.

Country classics with subtle modern twists can really make a bold statement in your dining room. Off white trim with dark wood is a great way to create elegance without being over the top. Basic glassware and streamlined, clear lighting options add delicacy, while staggered statement pieces on the wall make the space exciting and inviting.


Simplicity can rule when it comes to modern-meets-farmhouse style. Substantial pieces, like large family-style tables and a wall-sized storage pieces, work wonderfully with a basic beiges and soft white tones as the backdrop. Elegantly simple accessories, like matted picture frames and rustic pottery, bring simple sophistication to turn basic into bold!


A classic pub table and industrial-chic stools are a match made in modern farmhouse heaven. A minimalist-inspired table is beautifully anchored by the boldness of tall bar stools in a contrasting material and color that will make anyone want to have a seat and stay awhile.

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