Get some ZZZ’s in Zero G!

Zero gravity, that is.

Does the term make you think of outer space; something only astronauts can ever experience?


Get ready to have your mind blown.

A lifestyle base with your mattress can actually give you that same weightless sensation when you relax and sleep.

You’re probably wondering, “what’s a lifestyle base?”

It’s quite simply an add-on option for your mattress to replace the traditional flat foundation. Unlike old school adjustable base beds that you might’ve seen in your grandparents’ house, a lifestyle base offers more comfort options for modern living—beyond reclining up or down—with an option built in called the zero gravity sleep position… and it’s amazing!

What is the zero gravity sleep position?

Zero gravity is achieved when your upper and lower body are both raised several inches, leaving your middle section slightly lower. (Think dental chair position, but on a comfy foam mattress). The spaces where your body can’t touch the cushioning on a flat mattress are supported by the elevated mattress, which contours to fit your body.

What’s the zero gravity difference?

Sleeping on a flat surface creates pressure between the areas of your body that touch the mattress and the areas that don’t, since there isn’t contoured support (in the arch of your back, for instance). The zero gravity sleep position helps eliminate these pressure points by simulating the feeling of being in space. Gravity exerts force, or pressure, on our bodies. The ability to adjust a bed to a slightly elevated position means less gravity, which means less pressure—and ultimately a better way to relax and to get more restful sleep.


The moral of the story? With just the tap of a button, a lifestyle base can transform your mattress from a functionless, flat surface to an ultimate relaxation station that’s super comfy with plenty of other added benefits!

So, what are some of the benefits?

A better night of sleep and waking up relaxed and refreshed is the obvious answer here, but it’s important to note that the zero gravity position also reduces head, neck, back, and joint pain. Reducing pressure means reducing aches and pains and improving circulation all night long to keep your body in its best possible state while sleeping.

There are some lifestyle comforts that come with zero gravity, too. Binge watching in bed gets a whole lot more comfortable when you don’t have to jam 18 pillows behind your head and twist your limbs like a pretzel just to get comfortable. Reading a book becomes more enjoyable when you’re naturally inclined and don’t have to twist your neck to see the pages.

To fully grasp zero gravity, you really just have to experience it for yourself. We welcome you to stop in an Ashley HomeStore sleep shop to do a rest test in zero gravity. It’s a stunning difference to go from flat to zero and back. So, take the first step to getting some ZZZ’s in zero G!