4 Ways to Transform Old Furniture Into Adorable Pet Beds

Lots of furniture shoppers ask what to do with their old furniture when it’s time to replace it. Believe it or not, there are fun options that don’t involve tedious trips to the dump or pushing off unwanted hand-me-downs to family and friends.

Instead of getting rid of the old stuff, we found some clever (and ridiculously cute) ways to rework different pieces into something enjoyable for pets!

Idea #1: K-9 Bedside Manor – Your pup will love you forever when you put his bed right next to yours! Apply a funky paint color and fun patterned fabric to your old nightstand and you, and your pet, can enjoy sleeping in style.

Source: DIY Network

Idea #2: Doggie Drawers – Old, distressed dresser? No problem!  Pull out those drawers and add some comfy pillows for a space-friendly place for your pets to rest.dogbed4

Source: lizmarieblog.com

Idea #3: Pillars for Pooches – Make a luxurious little bed for your furry friend by flipping over an old end table and giving it a cute paint job. Stuff it with a standard pillow (and an accent pillow for fun) to put your pet in the lap of luxury! 

Source: All Created

Idea #4: Cutie Cabinets – Are the 80s still lingering in your living room? When it’s time for a change but you don’t want to ditch all of the old pieces, just get some paint, remove those old storage doors, and fill them in with your plaid pet bed for a crazy adorable, functional accent piece!

Source: DIY Network

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Source: allcreated.com