Break the rules for fashion and function

The definition of ‘names’ is interesting. It’s simply arbitrary labels.

We call a dresser a dresser; a table a table; a bench a bench, but who’s to say they have to serve as such in the function and style of your home?

Sometimes the best interior design is inspired by breaking the rules—to make functional, fashionable use of traditional pieces in your home, in a not-so-traditional way.

Saving space and getting the biggest bang for your buck is what it’s all about. Here are a few ideas that can help you do just that when it comes to finding pieces that serve alternative purposes in your home.

Change a dresser into a changing table.

Having a baby doesn’t mean having to sacrifice space and style in your home.

A smart way to maximize room and storage in the nursery is to select a stylish dresser and use it in place of a traditional changing table. Flat surface… check! Just add a changing pad or soft blanket, and you’re set to go. Diaper drawers… check! Fill them up with all sizes so you’re ready for every stage. Mirror… check! Your baby will stay occupied staring at the reflection.

The best part? Once your baby is done with diapers, you still have a new, stylish piece to keep for yourself!

Betwixt, a bench!

A bench, most certainly, doesn’t have to be a bench. It’s one of those fabulous, versitle pieces that can serve its intended function as a seat, but is just as great as a coffee table or statement piece. Literally, anything goes… so get creative!

An island of dreams.

Love the idea of an island in your kitchen? Hate the idea of bolting it to the floor?

Who says it has to be attached?! Get the style and function without the commitment and waste of space. A narrow pub table or rolling cart can be an island in an instant. Add some benches, or leave it open, for a stylish, space saving design win!








The moral of the story? Think differently about the pieces you put in your home. With a few simple, sporadic design decisions, you can uncover new functions for standard pieces in your home—saving space and adding style!