Don’t get furniture stored

Getting furniture stored can happen to anyone.

You walk in. You see a bedroom set that would make your best Pinterest board blush. Everything is placed to perfection within a glorious, interior-designer-inspired wonderland. You think, “Yep, that’s the one.” It has to be yours. You purchase it. You get it set up in your home, only to find it looks nothing like the furniture dream world from which it came. Fail, right?

No way.

Getting furniture stored is so avoidable. Selecting some simple accessories—right at the time you’re picking out your furniture—will amplify the look of your new furniture when you bring it home. In our HomeStores, interior designers carefully source and style every piece within the collections we show. Decorative boxes, table top trays, pillows, wall art… you name it, you can replicate the look by taking the exact pieces as shown, or mixing and matching from other collections with similar styles. Paired with some personalized flair, like your favorite colors, pictures frames, and photos, you’ll have the room you envisioned without ever feeling like it looked better in the store.