Shelf the mess (and the stress).

Back to school means back to books. Everywhere.

If visions of books sprawled all over your dining room table are dancing in your head, it might be time to find some accessories to declutter and destress.

Having the right bookshelf or storage piece to properly (and fashionably) display books is a great way to add elements of function and style to your home… instead of clutter.

Not to mention, homework can be less stressful for your kids—and less messy for you—when you’re organized.

From offices and bedrooms to family rooms and living rooms, bookcases can work anywhere. Here are a few tips to have easy access to your favorite reads, while making an organized space that also shows off your style.

  1. Be open to dividing. With an open floor concept, tall and open bookcases can be used as visual room dividers.

Trishley light brown wood open faced cabinet with four shelves and storage drawer




2. Get low. Bookcases with lower drawers or cabinets are perfect for a family room. Keep books, photos, and accents in view and use the hidden storage areas to help eliminate clutter and keep your living space neat.

Starmore wood and metal modern rustic large bookcase

3. Out of sight, not out of mind. If you have a small book collection and don’t feel the need to display it, consider getting an accent cabinet. A bookcase with doors provides lots of hidden shelf space.

Brown wood Reickwine cabinet

4. Got lots of books? If the bookcase you select can’t hold everything you want to display, consider putting identical bookshelves next to each other for a pleasingly symmetrical way to double up your space.

Lobink contemporary set of two asymmetrical large bookcases


5. Make a statement. Much like a fireplace, a stylish bookcase can become a focal point and statement piece in any room. The top of this accent cabinet is open for beautiful displays, while books and other objects are kept nicely displayed behind glass doors.

Distressed antique cabinet with glass doors and shelving


Once you start using furniture to organize your library, it’ll be easier to find your favorite book, encourage the whole family to read, and—most importantly—help everyone be more relaxed this school year!