Fall Blues

With summer winding down, you may find yourself itching to add some color inside your home. It can be a tricky task. Paint swatches start to look the same after countless comparisons while holding them up to your walls for the thousandth time. Choosing the right accent pieces can be overwhelming, too.

It doesn’t have to be, though. With a few simple switches, you can give your home a pulled together look with a homey, welcoming vibe.

So, what’s hot for fall? Blues!

2017 has been a great year for color, especially blue (and it’s only getting better for fall). It’s cool, calm, and collected. There are so many shades—from colors for your walls to pillows and accessories. Here are a few different ways to accent your rooms with blue for fall:

Floor them with color (and some fluff)!

One of the easiest ways to incorporate a new color in a room  is by adding a rug. Rugs (and pillows to match them) are easily interchangeable and can dramatically shape the look of a room. Add a patterned rug to your floor to liven up the entire room. Go crazy mixing different textures and layers of pillows. After all, there can never be enough fluff!

Wonder walls.

Painting your walls is a bit more complicated than adding a rug or switching pillows—but it is totally worth it. Adding a shade of blue on an accent wall sets the mood for the entire space. You can make the room warm and inviting or dark and sultry. The beauty of blue is that it works well in all spaces and can evoke the mood of your choice.

Hang it up!

One or two large pieces of abstract wall art in a range of blue hues can be calming and thought-provoking. It can bring out the best in your furniture, and make a house really feel like a home. Creating a wall collage that includes blue images with different frames, and any other pieces you love, adds your personality to any room.