Green is the new gray

Whether you’re an urban dweller or comfy in the country, green is the new go-to shade for relaxed living everywhere.

Green is a great color for bringing a little bit of the outdoors to your indoors.

It helps to create an open and inviting feeling for your home, that’s anything but boring. Gray walls, although easy to design around, are quickly moving into a style of yesteryear. Cooler colors that have dominated contemporary homes, trendy cocktail bars, and industrial office spaces, are giving way to more fresh shades of green that can evoke feelings of comfort, all within your comfort zone.

Picking the right green for your walls, your furniture, and accessories isn’t always easy, so here are some tips for “going green” in 2018.

Know the right shade for your design goals.

Green is a gloriously flexible color option. It’s easy to go bold or tone it down. Not all colors can go both ways like that.

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For a bolder design, go with bright greens. If you want the color to speak for itself, don’t be shy. Let your wall be the burst of color you want by using a minimalist approach to how you accessorize to let it shine.

On the other hand, if neutrals are your jam, sage green is your BFF. A more neutral green is an awesome alternative to neutral colors of the past (move over whites, off whites, and grays) — and is a wonderful way to transition from a more neutrally painted room. Accessorize it up to liven up any “sage-iated“ space.

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Go green with your furniture.

You don’t have to paint to go green.

Swapping neutral-colored furniture can do the job, too! Whether it’s a chair, a sofa, or just an accent, a green piece of furniture is always pleasantly unexpected to create a truly unique room.

Look for the perfect piece and pair it with the things you love.

White… out.

The white trend is beautiful, no doubt; but, in reality it’s not as functional for real life as other design choices. You can trade the all-white look for just hints of white, surrounded by endless pops of funky freshness. Add a green wall, but maintain classic neutral whites in your trim color selection. Then throw in a colorful pair of chairs or eclectically mix up your pillows. With green, the contrast options are endless (and stunning)… not to mention whole lot easier to keep the entire room looking new (and clean)!

Don’t be afraid of patterns and textures.

A great way to introduce green into your home is by choosing furniture in different patterns of the same hue, contrasting bolder prints with more subtle shades of green and accessories.

Add other natural textures, like bamboo and lemongrass to really tie a green concept together.

With all of the options, it might not seem easy to go green, but with a few basics to get you started, the style possibilities are endless once you move beyond thinking in gray and white.