Embrace the entryway

The entryway to your home offers a glimpse into what lies ahead. It’s your personal stage to set the tone for how you want your home to feel. Making it your own with your unique style will make you feel great every time you get home. It’s a space to design in a way that makes you love walking through the door every day, while at the same time using design enhancements that make it a functional space to keep things organized.

With a blend of form and function, you will offer family and friends a warm welcome, while also providing your own must-haves, like storage and hanging space. Here are some great ways to achieve a balanced, welcoming, and functional entryway to your home.

Let there be LIGHT

So much can be said with a carefully chosen light fixture or two. Start with a stylish overhead light, like a dramatic pendant, to drape the entryway with warm, glowing light. If there’s room for a table, add a lamp or set of lamps to provide another layer of light.

get smart with your art

Every entryway should have an artsy mirror. Not only are they pretty, but they’re practical in a couple of different ways. First, they offer an opportunity for that last-minute glance before dashing out the door. Second, they open up your entryway, reflecting light and space for a more inviting feel. Once you hang the perfect mirror, opt for artwork you love – it’s the first thing you and guests see when entering your home, so it should reflect your taste and sense of style. It’s nice to offer a glimpse of what’s to come in the rest of your home’s design.


If there’s enough space, having a place where you can unpack your day is a great option for any entryway. Whether it’s a seat to remove shoes, a table to place your everyday essentials, or just a small stool, let the size of your entry determine your choices. As a hidden space-saving bonus, opt for a bench or stool that lifts open to be a storage unit. For another bonus space-saver, adding a matching coat rack can save on closet space.

floor them with color

Placing a rug on the floor is one of the best ways to add color and texture—but choose carefully. You need a rug that can withstand foot traffic. When choosing your rug, consider the vertical clearance space between the bottom of your door and the floor. You don’t want your door to rub on the rug every time it opens and closes. Most of all, don’t be afraid of color. It’s the perfect way to add a pop of warmth and style, making every homecoming a happy one.