Check your style

Can you believe we’re nearing the “half way over” mark for 2018?

We predicted some home trends at the end of 2017, and it looks like our style was in check. Here’s a look at a few of the top trends that are holding up this year:

  1. Cluttered look – OUT!
Living rooms have long been a catch-all for everything from wide coffee tables and massive TV stands to fake flower arrangements and too many tchotchkes. Create a more relaxing space by kicking the clutter to the curb.
Replace the clutter with a minimalist fashion approach. You’ll be able to relax more with less in your way.

2. Matte light fixtures – IN!
An instant way to refresh any space is to ditch dated light fixtures. Bid farewell to brass and shiny metal. Say hello to matte metals and mixed-industrial textures.
3. Floor lamps – OUT!
While we’re on the subject of lighting, taller isn’t better. See above and rethink your lighting fixtures. Bolding replacing gaudy floor lamps with chic table lamps, tabletop candles, and wall-installed lighting will be on the radar of home fashionistas everywhere.
4. Retro-contemporary – IN!
Don’t be afraid to look back to move forward. Pulling inspiration from the past is cool with wooden accents, square sofas, tweed, and funky, angled pieces. To keep a retro look current, add industrial touches, like metal accessories. You can also warm it up with pops of color, patterned pillows, and accent rugs.
5. Over-teched-up spaces – OUT!
The future for flat screen TVs and computers isn’t so bright when it comes to the living room. Over tech-ing up every single room is swiftly becoming old news. Keep the TV to one or two smaller rooms, and don’t be afraid to leave a bedroom or living room completely tech-free. After all, relaxation is always in!
Replace focusing on tech with drawing attention to any unique or custom features of the room—like a fireplace, crown moulding, built-in shelves, etc. Accessorizing with books and magazines is a cool touch that inspires cozy living.
6. Chaise lounges – IN!
Comfort is all the rage… and so is the chaise. A chaise lounge is an elongated chair, with or without arms, that allows extending your legs for a relaxing place to lay. Replace bulky pieces with streamlined style. It’s easy on the eye, and makes it easy for you to relax.
We’ve enjoyed sitting back and watching the home trends happen. Here’s to living the rest of the year in style!