But, do your spices match?

It’s like a dream. After months of browsing online and a few visits to your favorite stores, you found the perfect furniture, fixtures, and matching accessories for your home. Everything is placed precisely where you want it, just the way you like it. Hammers and nails are back where they belong, hidden from daylight in the garage or toolbox or garbage can depending on how bad the excess nail holes got.

You look around. You like what you see… but, something still feels off… and you can’t put your finger on what it is.

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You look around. You like what you see… but, something still feels off… and you can’t put your finger on what it is.

Ladies, I’ve been there, and what I’ve figured out after quite a few moves—and an unreasonable love of redesigning all of my rooms on a whim—is that it might not be just one thing. It’s probably a few (or a lot) of little things that you don’t notice because, well, you’re all wrapped up in living there. Your blind eye takes over—and can you blame your eyes for taking a break? You just spent the last 3 hours pining over precise furniture placement and obsessing over shades of gray. Those mamas have had it.

Here are a few super easy things you can do to put the finishing touches to your home design… and they’re probably things you maybe never even noticed. These are little things that—piddly as they may be—once you change them, you’ll see a huge collective difference (and maybe never see your room the same again).

Is your spice rack in harmony?

Tidying up your kitchen design can be way lower maintenance than new appliances, countertops, and heavy cleaning.

Just stop and look around. First, notice where your spices are strewn. If they’re out in the open, do they have a nice place to live? Do the lids all match?

Trust me on this one. As obsessive compulsive as it may seem, I never even thought about this until one day I walked in my kitchen and saw it. Green lids, black lids, red, white… you name it, I had the colors of the rainbows in there, and not in the good way!

Arrange those little pops of flavor and turn them into big pops of design. Get some matching lids—one color only, please—and you’ll be shocked at the tidy (not tiny) difference it makes. And, if you’re feeling as bold as the contents of your cayenne pepper jar, empty the contents into clear glass containers and celebrate all the beautiful, spicy colors. One simple search on Pinterest or Etsy is just about all it takes to get all the ideas you need. Here are a few I found:

Source: Live Simply