Thoughts On Making Your House A Home

The idea of “making your house your home” is nothing new. We hear it all the time. 

When you stop and think about it, though, what does it really mean to actually do it? It’s not something that abruptly happens, or is even done consciously at any point in time. It’s not like one day you decide, “Ok, self, today’s the day I’m going to start turning my house into my home.”

It simply begins with an empty space. A place where so much can (and will) happen. Walking into a new place, where you’re going to live for years to come, is like staring at a blank canvas for your future. Nobody knows what will happen there; nobody knows what it will look like once its lived in, as your family grows and your own style manifests. You just know that it’s the place where things will happen. Stuff will accumulate there. People will gather there. Life will happen there.

Obviously, the furniture and art you choose to fill the rooms and walls are a big part of making a house a home. It’s really just an extension of your personality and your family’s lifestyle.

But what’s behind those choices?

Over all else, what really shapes the evolvement of a house becoming a home is a collection of moments that ultimately dictate what goes where in what spaces.

Watching home renovation shows or scrolling through pages of Pinterest-perfect pins on the latest interior design trends, it’s easy to get caught up in “the look” and forget that your space has to be livable and adaptable to become a comfortable, yet functional home.

Your house truly starts to become your home when you take the style inspiration that you see on the outside and bring it inside—literally and figuratively—adapting tangible things to the situations and needs for everyone in your family.

For instance, when your living room becomes the bedroom, your house is becoming a home. When your dining room becomes a classroom, your house is becoming a home. When your bedroom becomes the play room, your house is becoming a home. When the doghouse is inside the house, your house is becoming a home.

It’s all of these situations, adding up over time, that impact what you choose to bring into your home. The look and feel of where you live is simply a product of how you live. Style and circumstances, together, shape a unique place that fits the life you’re building and the space you’re building, silently bringing everything together—people, pets, furniture, art work, homework, dirty dishes, nap times, play times, game nights… 

All of these little things, and your reactions to them, are what will lead you to naturally turn your house into your home.