The History of Mid-Century Modern Design

You see it all over Pinterest, in magazines, and of course, your favorite HomeStores. It’s Mid-Century Modern. This style has made a comeback, and for great reasons. It’s sleek, clean, and compliments so many styles of living. So, where did these clean lines and minimalistic design come from?

Photo by dreaming_of_rivers

Mid-Century Modern first surfaced in the mid-1930s but really gained popularity in the years following the end of World War II, between 1945 and 1950. New homeowners were searching for functional furniture for their homes, straying away from the ornate fabric-covered duds of past decades. Mid-Century Modern furniture also flaunted the fact that it used minimal resources to create, which was a plus, especially after coming out of such a resource-consuming war. The people of this era craved simplicity and a return to happier times. The clean lines, geometric patterns, and pops of bright color within Mid-Century Modern furniture and design brought that to them.

As the 1960s began, Mid-Century modern design began to fade. The slowing of the housing boom, changing technologies, and new architectural and interior designs were all factors in the change of trends and the fall of Mid-Century Modern style. But don’t worry, its story doesn’t stop there.

Photo by Ron Frazier

Mid-Century Modern made its resurgence in the 1980s and has maintained popularity since then. This was again fueled by hard times after a war, this time, the Vietnam War. It was another call for simpler times. Not only that but now this furniture had an air of nostalgia to it that brought people comfort, as it still does today. Now, what has caused this trend to last as long as it has? It can’t just be the nostalgia factor. The answer to this may surprise you. Take a look at your phone. If you have an iPhone, you may see some similarities between it and Mid-Century Modern Design. Both have a sleek and minimalistic design, with emphasis on simplicity. Technology can make our lives hectic and messy, so we crave simpler things, where everything is in its place, and wrapped up in one nice, minimalist package. This, like in past decades, leads us to gravitate towards simple, sleek designs like Mid-Century Modern.

Incorporating Mid-Century Modern design into the home is quite an exciting journey. Of course, there are still original pieces from 50-60 years ago that are still around, but most of those antiques are incredibly expensive. If you are looking for a more affordable way to achieve this look, go to your local Ashley HomeStore and check out our Contemporary Living Lifestyle and see what Mid-Century Modern pieces you can find. And no worries, your house doesn’t have to look straight out of the ’50s, you can mix some Mid-Century Modern pieces into your home along with the rest of your furniture and décor. Bring some nostalgia into your life, try Mid-Century Modern design!