Furnishing Dreams: Extreme Makeover 10 Years Later

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition is coming back on the air in 2020! This show holds a special place in our hearts because we donated furniture and volunteered when the show came to Buffalo around ten years ago. Ty and his gang came to Buffalo to help out Dolores Powell and her four children who had been living in a house due to be demolished at any time.

Dolores came to Buffalo from Jamaica to have a better life for herself and has brought so much to the Buffalo community. Ten years ago, Buffalo was suffering from the recession. Jobs were scarce, properties were crumbling, and morale was low. Dolores brought light to her neighborhood by maintaining vacant properties, helping her neighbors in any way she could, making a good life for her children, and working tirelessly as a nurse’s assistant.

Unfortunately, the house she bought had a lot of undisclosed issues that the seller did not tell her about. She was left with a crumbling home not fit for anyone to live in. Windows were broken, the floor had holes in it, the foundation was crumbling, and there was no running water in the bathrooms. In the winter, the whole family would sleep in one bed to stay warm.  In order to get off the demolition list, the house needed to get up to code, which Dolores could not afford to do.

This is where the Extreme Makeover team came in. Hundreds of volunteers showed up to help work on the house and show their support for the Powell family, including award-winning singer/songwriter Ashanti! Some of our own HomeStore team went to help out and deliver furniture! This was one of the largest turnouts for volunteers in Extreme Makeover history. The Powell’s old, dilapidated house was deconstructed, not demolished so that salvageable pieces of the house could be re-used by others in the community.

Not only were they able to create a wonderful new home for the Powell family, but they also helped out many of their neighbors, and created a brand-new community garden to further Dolores’ mission of making her community a better place.

We were able to show our support for the Powell family by donating furniture to really make their new house a home. We could not be more proud of our community, and we are so thankful that we were able to have this chance to make a difference within it.