Introducing Mane + Mason

There are a lot of fine lines when it comes to home design.

A big one is between farmhouse and modern style. Both are popular. Both are stylish. There are even some areas where the styles can intersect—but that doesn’t mean it’s a one size fits all, or that it’s easy to combine them and pull off a seamless look in your home.

Mane + Mason, the newest collection at Ashley HomeStore, is filled with options that embrace the good in both farmhouse and modern style, effortlessly celebrating the line between two very different approaches to design.

The collection represents a lifestyle that is approachable, yet refined. Its pieces are versatile, family-friendly, yet bring a level of modern sophistication into any home. Everyday life is celebrated, while keeping the emphasis on style and beauty.

Going too far with either style can happen. If you don’t live in an modern industrial-inspired loft, for instance, going for that popular metallic, urban chic, cool-colored look may not look right as the dominant style in your home. Trying to look like you live somewhere you don’t can come across as inauthentic, and kill the coziness that your home may already have. Likewise, if you live in an urban or suburban area, an overdone country/farmhouse theme may come across as phony, too. I mean, everyone knows you’re not churning your own butter in a metropolitan area… so the jig is quickly up when you try to look like you are with the art on your walls.

Mane + Mason beautifully bridges the gap between styles, making an alternative to both. The best part about it is that it’s super easy to find pieces that are you, that blend elements of design that you love, without having to go too heavy one way or the other.

Once you start browsing, you’ll see how great mixing and matching modern and farmhouse furniture can be! Check out more Mane + Mason style here.

Area company which owns local Ashley Furniture HomeStores jumps four spots higher in rank among nation’s ‘Top 100’ furniture retailers

Wellsville Carpet Town, Inc. records one of the largest increases in top-line sales growth among the nation’s top 100 home furnishings retailers for 2014

Westons Mills, NY (June 2, 2015) – Wellsville Carpet Town Inc., a regional home furnishings retailer operating Ashley Furniture HomeStores throughout western New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio jumped four spots in one year in a ranking of top 100 furniture retailers in the nation, according to a recent trade publication report.

The move from #90 to #86 on the list was one of the more dramatic gains noted among all the furniture retailers and in particular, among Ashley Furniture HomeStore licensees listed, according to Furniture Today’s annual ranking based on sales the previous year. Company officials note that while their impressive numbers for 2014 reflect continued growth in the Ohio market with the addition of an Ashley Furniture HomeStore in Brooklyn, OH, the numbers also reflect a company-wide effort to focus on a superior shopping experience in their showrooms along with unmatched customer service.

“With nearly 50 years in business, we are focused on serving not just a loyal base of customers but generations of customers,” said Thomas Kane, CEO of the privately-owned company headquartered in Westons Mills, NY. “Our mission of providing an ‘old school, genuine, crazy good’ shopping experience to each one of our guests has given us a distinct advantage in the marketplace,” noted Kane.

Kane continued, “We have moved up in the top 100 every year since we first made the list [in 2011], and a big part of that is the Ashley brand.”

The Furniture Today report noted that while specialty stores perform strongly, larger stores have advantages such as global logistics, new marketing systems and budgets to support mobile and online technology. In the report, industry expert Jerry Epperson notes, “Simply put, you cannot out-Ashley Ashley.”

WCTI currently employs more than 350 across the tri-state area operating 14 retail stores including 11 Ashley Furniture HomeStores, an Ashley Furniture Outlet and a Carpet Town Carpet One store. A third Cleveland area HomeStore was added in April 2014.

Plans for 2015 reflect further expansion, with the addition of two new Ashley Furniture HomeStores to the WCTI portfolio. The first, planned for Camillus (Syracuse), NY, is slated for an October 2015 opening. The second showroom, planned for Canton, OH, will open in November.

Given that Ashley Furniture is the number-one selling brand of home furniture, it is no surprise that the number-one spot in the national ranking of furniture retailers was taken by the entire network of more than 550 licensed and independently-owned Ashley Furniture HomeStores throughout the United States and other world markets.

This is the ninth straight year the network of Ashley Furniture HomeStores has earned designation as number-one furniture retailer in the nation, according to Furniture Today’s report.  The 11 HomeStores operated by WCTI are part of that network, and WCTI is among the top 100 retailers specifically noted as contributing to Ashley Furniture HomeStores’ number-one ranking in the Furniture Today annual list. A total of 16 companies on Furniture Today’s list own and operate HomeStores.

WCTI has moved up a total of 12 spots since its 2011 debut on the “Top 100” list.

All Ashley Furniture HomeStores are independently owned by a network of individual retailers who are licensed to operate in key market areas. WCTI opened the first Ashley Furniture HomeStore in New York State in 2001 in Horseheads.

Reference: Furniture Today (May 18, 2015) 

It’s all about “U!”


Make home uniquely yours!
The all-new Urbanology collection is here, and all about YOU. Eclectic, unexpected pieces make it easy to express your style. From the table where meals are served, to the living room where memories are made, mixing and matching industrial-inspired designs makes your home a canvas for creativity.

Greece, NY: HomeStore of the Year

It’s time to celebrate!
In mid-January, managing partners Tom Kane and Dave Quinn, along with Director of Merchandise and Design Kelli Farrell, visited the semi-annual World Furniture Market in Las Vegas.  At furniture market, all 137 HomeStore licensees  participate in several days of meetings hosted by Ashley Furniture Industries.  These meetings help keep us current on new product development along with changes and enhancements to the HomeStore division.


Each year, Ashley Furniture Industries honors excellence in two distinct
categories and presents awards at market.


The Community Service award is given to the HomeStore group that, through its charitable contributions and spirit of community service, best represents the Ashley brand name. We are pleased to announce that the Wellsville Carpet Town team received second place (honorable mention). With this award comes a $2,000 contribution from AFI to be applied towards our A Hope to Dream program.


The second award honors the HomeStore of the year. Out of 552 HomeStores across North America, we were flattered to learn one of our 11 HomeStores won HomeStore of the year.




awardCongratulations to the Greece, NY location, chosen by Ashley Furniture Industries as the 2014 Store of the Year! While the Greece team posted an impressive 33% growth in comp sales from 2013 to 2014, sales performance was just one factor in determining the winner.  Community involvement was also a factor, and in support of the team’s continued effort to give back to the community, AFI awarded Greece with an additional $5,000 to support their A Hope to Dream program in 2015.


David Quinn notes, “The Greece team really embraces the spirit of our WCT Inc. culture to make it happen, whatever it is!”  He continued,  “We also owe a lot of thanks to the corporate support teams—customer care, our PDC, billing and all the behind-the-scenes folks that make it happen. We were humbled and privileged to accept this award on behalf of team Greece and the company as a whole.”


This award is engraved and will remain on display in the Greece showroom to commemorate the achievements of the team.