Why Work Here?


Our people are everything.

At The Wellsville Group, our people are the focus of every business decision we make.  In a competitive environment, the only way for business to thrive is by differentiation, and our difference is in the people—people that you just simply like to be around.  The passion, ideas, and skills that our team members bring to work every day set us apart from our competitors and enable us to move towards our strategic goals.

We are defined by our values, driven by our mission, and focused on our vision.

We believe a shared value system among all team members is an essential element to the longevity in any business. We asked our team members to describe, in their own words, the type of culture that exists within the company today. We then adopted these as our shared values. If you see your personal values aligning with these, a career with The Wellsville Group might be perfect for you! Let some of our employees tell you more!








The opportunities are endless.

Our business is a place where you can start your career, learn the industry and develop skills, grow with your team and follow a career path of your choice.  No matter which location or area of the business you start, you can find a work family that will provide you with the care and support you need to be successful.  With 14 showrooms and 6 distribution centers in 3 states, The Wellsville Group has a large regional footprint—that continues to grow!

Our growth depends on the entire team.

Our company was founded by the vision of an entrepreneur and each one of our team members is asked to run the business as if it was his or her own. Collectively, we all work for the common good of our company and the customers we serve, driving the growth of our business. When a business grows, we all grow and prosper from it—and that’s a great thing!

The learning never stops.

We pride ourselves on providing world-class training programs for all positions. Not just classroom and video programs, but real life, practical, on-the-job training opportunities. In most cases you will be paired with your very own mentor. We realize the success of the company depends on the success of each and every one of our team members.